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Eyelash Extensions

Natural Classic - $90

Set of 120 - 160 lashes. Instantly achieve longer thicker lashes while maintaining a natural look.

Glamour Classic - $130

Set of 200 -240 lashes. Undeniably thicker, fuller and perfectly curled lashes 24/7.

Ellipse Filament - $15

Our ellipse lashes have a beautiful deep black luster giving you more volume with less weight.

Hybrid Lash Extensions Volume + Classic - $130

Blend classic and volume together and you get a full voluminous dark mascara look that will be stunningly noticable. (Most Popular)

Natural Volume - $160

LIGHT VOLUME. 2d-4d thin lashes applied to a single lash to create a fluffier, lighter and fuller every day look.

Glamour Volume - $180

MAX VOLUME. 5d-6d lashes applied to a single natural lash. A dramatic look perfect for weddings, balls, formals or just because.

Classic to Volume Lash Upgrade - $120

Wearing classics and wanna go volume? Now here is your chance....Perfect for those who are due for their 2-3 week classic touchup, take this opportunity to switch to volume. You must  have 60% of your extensions left.

Classic Relash - $40

1 Week Touch-up

Classic Relash - $60

2-3 Week Touch-up. You must have 60% of your classic extensions left.

Classic Relash - $75

4th Week Touch-up. Must have 30% of your lashes left.

Hybrid Relash - $60

1 Week Touch-up

Hybrid Relash - $80

2-3 Week Touch-up. You must have 60% of your classic extensions left.

Hybrid Relash - $90

4 Week Touch-up.

Volume Relash - $60

1 Week Touch-up

Volume Relash - $90

2-4 Week Touch-up. You should have 60% of your volume extensions left.

Volume Relash - $120

5th Week Touchup

Eyelash Removal - $20


Eyes -$125

Cheeks -$125

Forehead - $125

Mouth - $125

Entire Face - $300

Stomach - $400

Thighs  -  $300

Microblading | 3D Brows Tattoo | Semi-Permanent Makeup

Microblading First Session -$299

Microblading Mandatory 4-6 Week Touch-up -$100

Brow Nano Needling, Microstrokes - $399

Brow Nano Needling Touch-up - $130


Eyebrows - $18

Eyelash - $18


Eyebrow - $15

Lip - $10

Cheeks - $15

Chin - $10

Neck - $10

Full Face - $50

Full Face With Brows - $60


Back Patches - $40

Brazilian - $55

Brazilian Maintenance (4 Weeks) - $45

Chest - $40

Chin- $8

Ears - $8

Eyebrows - $15

Eyebrows & Upper Lip Combo - $20

Full Arms - $38

Full Back - $70

Half Arms - $28

Half Legs - $38

Full Legs - $68

Neck - $15

Nostrils - $8

Manzilian (Male Brazilian Wax) - $80

Manzilian Maintenance (4 Weeks) - $60

A Manzilian leaves you feeling smooth and groomed, the back, sack and crack (BSC) will be cleaned and you will feel more hygienic.

Sideburn/Cheeks -$18

Stomach - $25

Underarms - $18

Upper Lip - $8

Whole Face - $50


Acne Purifying Facial - $80

Contains essential ingredients that work harmoniously to restore a healthy pH balance, and aid in the reduction of acne lesions and scarring. Includes extraction.

Ageless Beauty Treatment With Aloe & Green Tea - $80

Targets fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and keratinization. Includes extraction.

Mini Facial - $45

Need to get in and out quickly? A facial that calms and soothes your skin. Steps include a cleanse, exfoliation, masque and moisturizer

Back Facial - $80

Consisting of 5 steps; steam, cleanse, exfoliate, extract and mask. Includes effleurage as we wait for the mask to work its magic. Mask options are: orange and ylang ylang mineral mud mask, seaweed mask, French green clay mask

Lime & Lavendar Clay Mask Facial - $65

Formulated with Australian and Rhassoul clays to help lift impurities and revitalize dull skin. The calming aroma of lavender and the zesty scent of lime are combined to provide a fresh and clean feel. Enhanced with evening primrose and carrot oils; known for nourishing the skin and fighting the effects of aging.

Pore Perfecting French Green Clay Mask Facial - $65

French Green Clay absorbs and removes impurities from the skin, revealing the fresh surface of the skin to provide a healthy looking glow. When applied, the clay dries on the skin causing pores to tighten and the skin starts to feel firm, toned and refreshed. French green clay is suitable for all skin types.

Orange & Ylang Ylang Facial Mineral Mud Mask Facial - $65

This mask is formulated with Dead Sea mineral mud enhanced with certified organic ylang-ylang essential oils. The mask helps to remove impurities and improve the texture of the skin while promoting elasticity. Fortified with natural extracts of papaya and green tea, your skin is sure to feel rejuvenated with a radiant glow.

Pumpkin Enzyme Facial - $65

Our pumpkin enzyme mask can help address the appearance of dull, aging complexion by exfoliating with the pumpkin enzyme, peeling with the alpha hydroxy acid, and polishing with the aluminum oxide powder. This 3 in 1 deal, the result is refreshing, hydrated and younger looking skin.